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Great verse app!

Great verses!

Best verse app

Love it! My favorite.

Great verse app!

Great verses!

Pretty bad

A yearly fee? No thanks

Difficult to cancel

I would have liked this app until you want to cancel. Very difficult to cancel once you have signed up to give the free trial a try!

How does anyone unsubscribe!

I thought this app was going to be great so I subscribed and now there is no option to unsubscribe! $5 a month is wasted on a terrible app!


Great app love it recommend.


I WOULD GIVE THIS APP NO STARS IF I I COILD. I downloaded this app and never used it. It never gave me any notifications like I wanted. So I forgot about until I couldn’t download anything to my phone because of it. I don’t keep a card on my phone however since the free trail was a scam and they automatically subscribe me, I couldn’t download or update anything on my phone until I paid for a subscription I didn’t want! I tried to just cancel it and they STILLLL WANTED ME TO APP FOR AN APP I COULDNT USE AND DELETED! The worst scam ever!!!

Don’t Buy

So I’m one of the dummies that went for the $30 membership. It’s exactly same as free! They are mostly Psalms verses so if your trying to get a daily devotional this is not for you. There is also no link to stop your membership so if anyone knows how please let me know.


I WISH I WOULD HAVE READ THE REVIEWS FIRST. If I could give this no stars I would. You can’t view the devotional unless you enroll in the free trial or purchase a subscription. It says you can turn off auto renewal in account setting but it doesn’t show anywhere in the app. And lastly, the verses or devotional cannot be personalized or altered. Not a very user friendly app either. Would not recommend.

Pretty Nice

I like the verses they put up because it’s not just the same ones you hear all the time. But it actually gives verses about our God and his personality. Also if you do the FREE trial it may seem like you have to pay money before you can stop the autopay. However all you have to do is go into iTunes, sign in, go to settings, then subscriptions and you can see every app you have a subscription too and you can cancel and you can still keep the free trial! I think most people don’t know that and that’s where this company tries to get you.


I’m trying to cancel before my free trial ends so that I don’t get charged, and they make it extremely difficult.

Not Free

You can’t get the daily devotion unless you pay $24.99 a year! My suggestion the Bible and learning about God shouldn’t cost People money. So do like me delete this app and get a free one.

Customer Support - how to contact?

There is nowhere to contact support or get login information if forgotten. Really frustrating! I am trying to cancel my plan that I accidentally agreed to (starting my Bible Study too early I guess) and now I can not find where to cancel!!


4.99 a month ? but i was under the impression it was free which is why i got it, this app stupid as hell, then they will bill you out the blue.


Can someone help me on how to delete this app. I hate that It charges you but there’s no way to cancel It. I hate the ads, I have other bible apps i love and this one just isn’t it. HELP

Ruined by ads misleading pricing

I paid 1.99 just to stop all the annoying adds. Only to find that the money I paid did not go into the receiving the daily devotions, which is like $30. Why? Big thumbs down

Would be better with no ads

I love every morning going to see a Bible verse, but the ads are very irritating. They pop up all the time. But the app would be perfect without any ads. :)

Cute! Too many typos though

This app is super appealing to the eye and has great potential for the followers of God who need a daily dose. However, there are quite a few typos I’ve noticed and I’ve only had the app for 10 min. This might not be a big deal to some but it ruins it for me. Now I question if the verses are even correct... a little more editing before publishing would be my recommendation.


Once you actually try to open the app up to see what it is all about it automatically makes you sign a free “trial“. But there is no way to get your self out of the “free“ trial until it auto renews into a subscription. Basically they want your money before you can cancel. The “free“ portion of the trial is a absolute scam. There’s no way to alter the versions of the verses you see. And There is no way to personalize, a just, or even cancel anything about this app until they had taken your money. This is an absurd example of a Bible-Based Christian Business!! This should be taken down and burned! The pictures are not only archaic, but the Business tactics are monstrously embarrassing!!

Glitches, too many adverts

I’ve used this app for a while and since the update it continues to ask for my password when I’m using it to install something on my phone. The adverts are overbearing. Not enough good in this app to deal with the bad.

Bad, ads are everywhere

THE ADS ARE RIDICULOUS, not a real Christian app if you ask me.

Fed Up with Ads

Infested with ads, using this app tends to be annoying due to the multiple money seeking ads

Awesome app for free 😋

I love this app because it is like you are with God so I really hope millions of people get this app and if they have a have a family member that is not saved this is a great opportunity for you to share the gospel with them God bless you and your family and friends and home 😌😁😋👍


How can I unsubscribe? I don’t see how I can get to my settings 😕

Obnoxious at best

I’ve never written a negative review, at least in the past few years, but I thought this app was so terrible. I had to. The pop up ads make this unbearable. And then that’s not even the only ad, there is also another one at the bottom. This app is so cluttered by advertisements that it ruins the whole experience for me. I wouldnt mind paying for the app, if only it wasn’t $30 a year. That’s beyond ridiculous. You’re trying to make a profit off of His word by tricking people into paying this dumb fee when there are better apps that do the same stuff for free. Like I said, I wouldn’t mind paying 2.99 for ad free verses but $30 a year.... you’re smoking crack

The ads ruin the whole app

The ads pop up as soon as you open the app and 75% of the time there is no way to get rid of them. Had to delete the app which is really disappointing.

Great without pop ups

I love this app but it always pops up at the beginning that there is an error and then another pop up about not being able to connect to iTunes Store which is very annoying. I have adjusted all my settings to no avail. I would give 5 stars otherwise wise. If the developer is seeing this could you please try to fix this and I will delete this comment for a more favorable one.😊🙏📖 Thanks

Wrong verse

Today verse said psalms 36:3-6 when it actually is psalms 37:3-6

It’s okay.

The layout is cute and I really like the aesthetic of the app. I am not too fond on the fact that every time they use the pronoun for God they don’t capitalize it. Maybe it’s just the branch of Christianity that I am, but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to always capitalize the “H” in Him or He out of respect. Also there are way too many in your face ads, and I think it’s annoying that I have to pay for the word of the Lord. I have a free bible for that!!

How to beat ads when paid to remove

Just a hint if you paid for ads to be removed but they haven't been: put your phone in airplane mode before you click on the app. There will be no advertisements. This app has wonderful features and serene images. I wanted to experience it with no ads. I paid to have the ads removed. My money was taken but the ads were never removed. Please have integrity and follow through with what you advertised. Remove the ads for the people that have paid. Thank you

The adds make it too unpleasant

The pop up adds are obnoxious. You get one second into reading and then the screen gets taken away and replaced with an advertisement. I had to delete because I just couldn't tolerate being interrupted with an advertisement every time. And some ads are videos you have to wait for seconds to count down before you can X out.


I have difficulty with this app. I cannot retrieve a verse by date if I have inadvertently deleted the reminder. I dont like the advertisement for the devotionals. I paid a subscription for no advertising.


Way too many ads. Every time you click on something you have to watch an ad. I even had to watch and ad just to leave this review from the app. Every time you read a verse there’s an ad. There are so many ads.

Ads too in-your-face

I wish an ad wouldn’t pop up so suddenly when you first open the app. Or it would be much better if ads didn’t show up on the whole screen at all, but a little box at the bottom so it doesn’t interrupt your reading. The app also crashes when you try to download a wallpaper. Which is a shame because they are so pretty.


Would love to download the Wallpapers but the app continues to shut down. Love the verses and ease of the app so I paid to eliminate the ads. Very disappointed that it continues to shut down.

Really great app

Awesome app for daily verses! Really beautiful pictures too. It does crash a bit though, particularly in the wallpaper section.


I have used it everyday for 5 years! It has been great!!

Great verses! But some bugs

It won’t allow me to download a wallpaper I really like. It shuts down the app every time I go to try and download it.

Great app

I love this app because I feel like it’s helping me find my faith again. The only problem is that it shuts down whenever i try to download a wall paper. Can this be fixed?

Wallpaper Crashes

Just downloaded this app and am frustrated already because EVERY time I clicked on a wallpaper to save, the app crashed. Overall the app is aesthetically pleasing and the quotes are great. Please please please fix the wallpaper issue!

Great except for 1 thing

I like this app a lot except for one thing. When you are in the wallpaper section the verse is small and there is not enough contrast from background. The scenery is lovely but I cannot read the verses.

I love it

5 stars from me. This app is getting me back into Christianity. Thank the Lord. I love the verses they always make me feel motivated when I’m not. Happy when I’m down. You just have to remember that God loves you.

Trisha Gordon

Love this every morning but I dislike that you promote gambling.n why doesn’t it post the devotional on my Fb?!!!


This is a wonderful app!

Great except

Great in all regards except taking my $1.99 to remove the ads though still have the advertisements. There is no avenue to contact support.


Not happy, the readings are stuck on 11/24/17 and will not move forward. Would appreciate a fix since we just paid for a no add version!!!!!


I just got the app and I’ve been struggling with the Daily Reminder otherwise I love it!

Deleting app

The ads have become so intrusive I’m just going to delete the app and find another one.

Awesome but crashes

I love this app; the design, the messages, the content... but whenever I try to download a wallpaper it crashes!

Would love a journaling option!

I love this app and I use it every day! I would just love it so much more if there was a journaling questioning to go along with the verse every day and a place to respond!!

Refund please!

I paid for this app and still have advertisements!!!!! Plus it won’t work!!!! I was over charged too!!! 3.99 instead of 199 When you go for app help there’s nowhere to complain!

Great app

The app is wonderful with amazing verses and very aesthetic backgrounds, however, I am experiencing some launching issues and when I try to save a verse from wallpapers I get kicked out of the app. Please fix!! Thank you for all the wonderful verses though:)

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