Daily Bible Verse Inspirations App Reviews

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Too many ads!

This app used to be really great but recently theyve added ads that come up every day, play automatically and dont go away. Really not what youre looking for in a bible verse app... :(


I paid for this app to be ad free but it still has them. The reminder wont go off although Ive adjusted it in my settings.

Daily scriptures

As always I love the scriptures because its Gods word. Unfortunately, the location of the scripture is not always accurate. Every scripture before I do anything with it I always check it in the bible first. So, when I cant locate a scripture where you all say it is suppose to be, then I go on a hunt of the bible til I can locate. If this gets fixed then I can give a higher rating.

WAS a great app, now I am deleting it

I used to LOVE this app, and I think I reviewed it when I first got it, with 5 stars. Through the recent update, they changed the version. This new version is terrible. I would guess its the Message. It doesnt read the same as NIV, and I am not a fan. I deleted it from my phone.

Longtime user

Ive been using this app for a long time and I absolutely love it! But Im not sure that I like the new bible version being used. NIV or even the ESV are better. But otherwise, Im a happy customer! Thank you and God bless you!

Restore purchase problem

I was having problems with the app crashing immediately when opened. I tried restarting, and deleting and reinstalling the app, it still didnt work. Days later the problem resolved itself with no evidence as to why. Now that the app opens Ive tried multiple times to restore my purchase so the ads dont pop up, but it will not let me. Please fix this. (iPhone 6s version 10.2) Thank you for the daily encouragement. Keep on doing what youre doing.


Its good but much better when the old translation was being used. Might download another one instead. But this one has meant a lot to me. Thanks.

Dont download

There are much better

Ads wont go away

I love getting a new verse everyday so much that I paid to get no ads. Now I get more ads than ever. So much for that service.

Daily Bible verse

Well I cant restore purchase and i havent had trouble with this until know and how long does it last? I hate adds!!

Too many pop up ads

Takes forever to even read the verse for the day because you have to keep closing out ads.

New Translation

I really like the old translation better. I love this app but just dislike the new translation so much I may have to look for a different app.

Paid but not delivered....

I just paid for the no ads option; but Im still getting ads. Please fix this so I can restore purchase or refund ASAP.

Paid for no Ads- Why are they still there?

I paid to have the ads removed. They are still there. This makes the app useless as there are many similar apps that keep their promise of no ads when you pay. Request a fix or refund ASAP. There are way to many reviews with the same problem and no help anywhere. This would be a great app if the purchase guarantee was honored.


luv the verses. where the reminders at tho ? cmon


The ads cover up the share and more options. I cant access my bookmarked verses due to this issue. Please fix this issue. I wouldnt download till they fix this


Pretty nifty and great verses!

Great App

Awesome app. I love the verses

love this app!

Love reading the word of God!


This app is terrible! It matches verses and their location incorrectly. It gave me a verse from Ephesians and listed it as Corinthians! There is no excuse for that! I would give it 0 stars but it wont accept that as a rating. Shame on this app creator.

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